Open source hardware: from fibers to fabric

The idea was to build a machine which is able to creat patterns out of fibers. To get your desired pattern you can control the machine via a joystick. Wooden dowels keep the patter in place.
For better understanding here a little video of our finished machine.

The framework and the two motors ( x-axis & y-axis) we used of an open source machine we were introduced to in our lab. img_6948.jpg

Making the Base
For our wooden dowels we had to built a plate with holes to easily tuck them in and out.
We designed both in Rhino.
For the plate we used wood with a thickness of 4mm.
It was a bit tricky to find the perfect size for the holes. They had to be removable but also stable enough to not move while the machine is making the pattern. Several laser-cutter tests were necessary to find the perfect fit.
img_6955.jpgMaking the nozzle
The next step was creating a little funnel so the fiber is guided down and through the dowels.bildschirmfoto_2017-11-21_um_17.31.06.jpg
For this we used Fusion360 and printed it with the Ultimaker 2+. It took about 50 minutes and worked at first attempt.

With an arduino board we created the connection between the two motors and the joystick.

• Arduino Genuino
• Joystick
• 2 x Stepper Motor drivers
• 2 x 22 μF capacitors
• Lots of cables
• Power source

A lot of tests, help and variation was necessary in oder to get our machine to work. img_6969.jpg