1. State of the art, Project Management and Documentation

September 26 2017

How to document

Documentation is an important part of Fabricademy. You should document your work for your own, and for anybody who would like to replicate your work.

You don't need to repeat what has been explained during class, but document any issues and solutions you have found during your assignment.

Make sure your documentation shows what you did as this is the primary reference for evaluating your work.

Where to document

You can use this wiki as your documentation notebook. The wiki uses the DokuWiki software, check out the manual for more details.

Editing your student page

Fabricademy students: How to edit your wiki page from Textile Academy on Vimeo.


  1. Find your student name in the students list
  2. Click on it to go to the student page
  3. If you didn't create it before (the name will be in dashed underline) you will go to a <b>not found page.</b> Don't worry! Click on the edit icon on the right and start editing your page.
  4. Fill in the information you need, like your profile and click Save.
  5. Repeat the process for editing your page
  1. Adding a new page can be done with the Link button. Select internal link and type in a name for your page. Save and then click on the link to create the new page.

How to upload an image

Please make sure you upload only under the students folder, or you will get a permission error!

Fabricademy students: How to upload an image from Textile Academy on Vimeo.


  1. Edit the page where you want to include the image, clicking on the edit button on the right.
  2. Position the cursor where you want to put the image
  3. Click the image icon
  4. Browse server
  5. Click on the Choose file button, select the file on your computer and hit the upload button.
  6. Click on the image name to insert it
  7. Adjust the size of your image, changing the width
  8. Done