Ongoing Research

Due to new findings gathered by testing my sensor I am doing some research. I presented my idea in the manufacturer specialized on products in the field of orthopedics, rehabilitation, and care. First of all they liked my idea and said that there is a potential demand on the market for my idea. It was a very positive feedback which strengthen my motivation to keep on going.

They gave me important hints on things which I have to consider when it comes to construction. Among others, that the sole has to be washable and sterilisable. Furthermore they put me in contact with one of their partner: Go-Tec

The produced the idea already but only in the field of sports. I had the opportunity to talk to one of their engineers of biomachniques

This company creates a sole by using about 64 tiny resistive sensors of the companyIEE and including carbon fiber. It works like the same principle I am trying to pursue by my textile sensor. More pressure means less resistance and more voltage flows. By applying the formula: Pressure = Power*surface it would be possible to calculate the power and therefore the weight.


In theory because on sensor costs around 30€ which makes a sole with a price of around 1,000€ quite expensive. Too expensive for my product which has a useable life in best cases for some weeks.

Anyway, it was offered to me, that I could have some of these sensors for testing issues. Furthermore, the engineer mentioned that they also doing research to find cheaper solutions.