In this page, you'll find sketches of what I had planned for my final assignment, and some ideas on how to achieve the goals. However, if you check Carlos' page you'll find a detailed explanation of our project, the plan, the customer journey and the BOM. So you should totally chek it out.


From week one I wanted to work on a sustainable collections that can be work on the lab. The idea is to reuse someone´s old clothes and giving them new life with the tools from the lab. I talked to Carlos, and because of the size of the project, we would like to work together.

on this page: http://wiki.textile-academy.org/fabricademy2017/students/carlos.herbozo/w10

You can find this week documentation.


Carlos and I had an idea about re-using old clothes from someones closet and give them life again as a full collection improved in the lab. Based in the 33 things Proyect .

After the review, we saw that it´s a big Project even for two and that are many things we still have to figure out. We really believe in that Project but maybe is not the time.

We know that is very important for us to work together, during the fabriacademy we have developed a “getting each other out of the comfort zone” relationship that we think work really well and can help us get to better results.

With that in mind, we went back to the White board, we didn´t have a clear idea of where to start ; so we went back to the “State of the art” of the fabricademy final projects and other projects we knew and really liked.

Carlos is an engineer and I'm a designer, so we see things in a really different way. We agree on looking for a real, already in the world problem and work from there.

After many ours, we still didn´t feel like we had something we really believed in and we went home.


On the way I visited my exhausted, new mother, sister!

She has two daughters, one is six years old and the other one is about 15 DAYS old.

Erika is not really sleeping now, between the two girls and work. She works as a freelancer makeup artist, so she had to go back to work really quickly after giving birth.

The oldest goes to school, but of course, the baby needs 24 hour attention. So what my sister is taking her to her mother´s or to the mother´s in law to leave the baby for a few hours while she works.

The thing is….. she goes out of the home with all her work tools, plus all the baby´s clothes and diappers; plus she has to carry a portable (no so portable) crib for the baby to sleep safely in that fits in all the different places she has to go with the baby and the car.

While I was there, loving my niece but not really comfortable with all the madness and noise, my sister talked about a vibrating chair that was great when his older daughter was younger, but is not so comfortable for babies as young as Mikella.


We found this smart crib that vibrates and helps the baby to wake up less at night and the regulates the vibration depending how awake is the baby.

see here

We found about how important is how you cover the baby. When they are really young, the hands must be kept ways as well the covers and any other thing with which the baby can asphyxiate. Other important thing is that the baby dosen´t move arround the crib with the vibration or movement, so, the vober must help to keep the baby in place.

Also, temperature is a very important fact, babies get cold easily and can get very sick for that. A complicated moment is when the diappers are been changed. Is a good idea just to uncover the needed parts.

We found some videos of the right way to “swaddle” a baby, look it here

The snoo cover, has good and complicated points on this, so, we kept looking and found other options:

This is the one for SNOO :


Other option is this one, that keeps the arms in place but the baby dosen´t need to be fully uncovered for diapper changing and no zippers needed:


Obviously, what we need is a costume version of it that also gets attached to the mattress of our portable crib.

INVESTIGATIONS: Undrestanding babies and parents concerns is very important, for which we need to do many interviews and observation exercises.


MODULAR PORTABLE MATTRESS: that can be safe enough, we are thinking on inflatable or foam options. For that we would use laser cut, and try to “sew” the pieces just with heat so the air is manteined inside.

ROCKING CHAIR LIKE: From the assignment of “textile as a scalfold” we got the idea of using light wood on the base so it can move.

SECURE BABY WRAP: Design a baby wrap that can be attached to me mattress or taked out for washing. The patterns would be made in Valentina, land aser cut in an hipoalergenic material like cotton or bamboo.

ELECTRONICS: Soft sensors must be sew to the mattress so we can get the speaker and vibrating device. Also we need to work with an accelerometer and a processor so we can learn the movements of the parents and replicate them.