Rhinoceros has 4 views and for this exercise it is necessary to activate the 4.


1: We draw 1 circle of 10mm, creating a ring. circulo.jpg
2: Read the steps to follow in the command line. In this line you can write the orders for Rhino and it explains the steps to follow. We create another 3.5mm circle, inside this circle we need another two to be able to sew, we make them of 0.6 mm.

linea_de_comandos.jpg3: We draw with the shapes that we want the design of our button.
4: We select everything (dragging from right to left). We group. agrupar.jpg
5: Select all and “Surface–> Flat Curves. Now it has gone from curve to surface and it is convenient to change it to another layer to differentiate them well.
6: In the right part of Rhino you will see a drop-down, select where you put properties, here you will see all the information of the selected object, you just have to select an object and assign it a color.


7: Selecting the surface of our design we click on “Solid–>Straight surface extrusion–>Recta
8: We already have our design, now we store it in STL. File–>Save as … we look for STL and that's it.

The next step is to import it to the Makerbot program to be able to print it.