Ana María Martín López

About me


Hello! I am a dressmaker and a fashion pattern design. After 24 years working with all kinds of clothes I discovered the digital manufacture and everything changed.

In 2014 I visited Fab lab Leon and was impressed. I did not really know what to do and I was pretty scared seeing engineers everywhere. I thought it was not my place, but I was very wrong. I started visiting Fab Lab every week and there I learned to combine my knowledge with digital manufacturing. At this moment I dedicate myself to investigate all the possibilities and I believe that Fabricademy is what I am missing to continue advancing.

I think the textile sector needs a change and I would be delighted to be able to contribute to this.

In these years I have studied a lot because I do not have any training in digital manufacturing and therefore I am very proud of my small projects.

I learned to make patterns in Rhinoceros and make several pieces.


Visit my page to see more =)

As for my final project I am not sure, I would like to do something to help people with some handicap or do something practical that helps to lead better daily life, but I need to learn more things to get it going and I hope Fabricademy inspires me to be able to move on.