Three years ago I discovered Fablab León and everything changed. That first day I realized all the things that could be done, but how? I only know how to sew !. I went home thinking all the time about the possibilities, the days went by and I kept thinking, but it was impossible. I only know how to sew! and in Fablab there were engineers, computer scientists … No one from my world and besides, I do not have that training. What can I do?

Don´t say: it is imposible

Say: I haven´t already made it

I learned many things and nowadays people know my work and they ask me to teach them. Many of my projects are made with my family's clothes, which I really like. I also like to recycle electronic plates with which I make jewelry.
Some examples:



I have observed that people usually have problems when it comes to thinking about the final product, they can make a circuit, they know the machines that are in a fablab and the tools they have in their home, but they do not always know how to apply and manufacture something.

The adults because of their jobs, and the young people motivated by the studies, do not have much free time and if they have to start from scratch, they think it is very complicated and they do not try it.


Most people want:




1. My project is easy
2. You can also track online.
3. It can be taken to schools and institutes …
4. Can be used in the Fablab.
5. Outdoor activity (school yard) *
6. All projects can be made with recycled fabrics.
7. Create community.
8. It will grow little by little.
9. It can be customized since the circuit example can be applied to any job.

Some of the pages that have inspired me:

1. Offers in schools and teaching of any age (art schools, fashion, institutes, adult training ..)
2. The materials would be brought by interested persons, recycling their clothing or objects.
3. To create the circuits, pack will be sold that will be different according to the chosen project.
4. There are two types of workshops: Children and adults
Some of the digital manufacturing machines would be used, so the cost will rise per hour of machine rental, monitor and the pack with the materials.
There are three levels of difficulty.
Children: level 1 and 2
Adults and young people without experience: level 1 and 2
Adults and young people with experience: levels 1, 2 and 3

Age: 7 to 15 years

* Outdoor activities can have a technological touch through QR codes: create a gymkhana in which your students must go to a physical place where there is a QR code that when scanned takes them to a website where they will find the instructions to make a circuit and apply it to something physical, (stuffed animal, car, game …). A tremendously versatile activity and from which you can learn a lot.

16 to 99 years

They will be developed in Fablab, where they must bring a garment or object that they want to recycle and apply the tutorial they want. The physical blanket will be in Fablab but they can continue in their homes because it is also online. When they finish their project, they will be awarded a QR code if they wish and to help grow the blanket and contribute to the community.

Children and Families


The blanket is documented in :

The materials used are remnants of felt and textile vinyl that always remain in a workshop.
The pack would be:

Pack 1:

• 2 led
• Conductive thread
• Colored thread
• Needle
• Button battery

Pack 2:

• Vibrating motor
• Conductive thread
• Needle
• Colored thread
• Battery button

Pack 3:

• 6 led
• Conductive thread
• Colored thread
• Battery button

Pack 4:

• 5 led
• Conductive woven hunk
• Conductive thread
• Colored thread
• Battery button

Pack 5:

• Lilypad
• Buzzer
• Conductive thread
• Colored thread
• Battery button

In schools they would hire the gymkhana workshop for two hours and a monitor. It is necessary that they bring a garment to recycle, they can be put in common and thus do more original things. The blanket would be used to explain the game and some QR codes in photocopy for the gymkhana.
It offers:
1 Pack for each child (level 1 and 2)
Guaranteed fun.

In the Fablab this workshop for all ages would be offered, the price would be somewhat higher for the rent of the space. The pack can be purchased separately and it is necessary to bring the garment to recycle, put in common and thus do more original things.
Here you can choose level working with the blanket.