Week 3: Circular Open Source Fashion

For this practice I decided to make a T-shirt inspired in my city. León Cathedral is the most visited monument for its famous stained glass, in particular the Rose windows is the most emblematic for its antiquity and beauty, for me it is magical.

Another building in my city that inspires me is the Musac (Museum of Contemporary Art). Years ago someone told me that its colorful facade was inspired by the stained glass of the cathedral and then I had the idea of joining these two buildings that are so important to me.


I am going to use multi-colored felt for this design.

I chose rectangles because it is the most similar shape to Musac.

At first, I made the pattern in Rhinoceros and I was placing the pieces on top to fill all the pattern.

In the saddles and suspenders I had to make some modifications to make them match well and thus to acquire the desired shape.

I design the joints and connect them with the rectangles.

In order to make the rose window, I vectorized its image using Incscape.


Then, I clean the image using Rhinoceros by selecting the unwanted parts and erasing them.


I changed some shapes of the design thinking that I’m going to cut it with laser, and so it fits better.

Finally I put he unions.


Laser Cut:

In fablab I have been documenting fabrics for four years and I look for the parameters for the felt in the catalog.


We open the file in Rhinoceros

File→ print
In properties we put the cutting parameters.


The cutting parameters I used for a 40 W laser are:

Speed: 70

Power: 40

Frecuency: 880

After cutting and assembling the front part, I realized that it opened too much.

But I liked that effect.


I tried to change the design adding more joints and I checked that the pieces held better, so I think this is the definite design.

By last, I cut the rose window and it works as a pocket.


I liked this practice a lot. I had never done something similar and I love this technique.

Thanks to the mistakes I have learned to improve and I believe that in the future I will do something much better.