Textile as Scaffold

Some time ago I saw photos of wood glued on fabric and I liked it a lot, so for this practice I was very clear about what I wanted to do.

I started by making a simple pattern for a top, and I chose elastic fabric with enough fall so that the wood is well stuck and does not harden the fabric too much.


I made a simple design in Rhinoceros, I made several pieces imitating a voronoi pattern.


I used 0.6 mm wood and laser cut.


  • Speed: 90
  • Power: 50
  • Frequency: 1000


I had several types of glues and I decided to do tests to choose the most suitable, the best result was the PATTEX.


I started the process by first preparing a 17x10cm piece.

Stop motion:

I started with the process in the garment, I had to do it in parts because the Pattex dried very soon and the wood began to curve.

I tried to heat it with the iron to soften the glue and it was very good, then I left it pressing it until the next day.



As the fabric of my design is white, I thought that with sugar or salt the crystals would not be very visible, so I decided to try brown sugar.

  • 2 cup of water
  • 4 cups of sugar


  • Thread


  • Dish
  • Container for mixing.

1.Boil water and remove from heat.

2.Pour the sugar and stir.

3.Insert the thread and soak it well, this makes the thread stick the sugar more easily.


4.On a dish, add sugar and introduce the soaked string.


5.Wait for the sugar in the thread to dry.


6.Wait for the liquid mixture to cool.

7.Re-insert the thread and leave covered.


8.Tie the threads to a stick, brush, knife … so that they do not touch the walls of the container or remain at the bottom of the mixture.
9. Leave in a cold place or in the refrigerator and wait 2 or 3 days depending on the size of crystallization you want.


After 2 days it looks like this:


I do not leave it more time because this is the result I want.

Finally I sew it on the top.