Pneumatic Wrist

In this class I wanted to start with the first exercise, I have never done anything similar and I wanted to experiment from scratch.

First I did a quick test with textile vinyl, to check the resistance.

I followed this tutorial:

Step 1: Open with Rhinoceros and make a mirror copy for the back part.


Step 2:

Material: textile vinyl

Cut with the plotter and prepare the two parts by removing the remains that we do not want.

Step 3:

Trim with Parchment paper over the design leaving 1 cm around to seal the wristband.

Join the three parts.

Step 4:

Iron taking into account the temperature according to the vinyl, not all can be ironed at the same temperature, (look at the temperature when you buy vinyl) in my case I ironed it at 150 degrees for 17 seconds.


Step 5:

Remove the transfer carefully.


Step 6:

Introduce the elastic cord through the holes and check without leaving it very tight.


Step 7: Introduce the tube and fill it with air to check that there are no leaks.