In our textile projects it is very important to “hide” the batteries, for this it is very good to create battery holders, they can be made with different shapes depending on the project we are working on. The first project of the bookshop is a heart, in reality it is a battery holder, I have created a pendant, but if we sew automatic ones we can put it in any project and it would be very good.


You just have to make a “sandwich” that is:
Cut two pieces.
Sew in each of them a little thread (conductive) and take it directly to an automatic.
Join the pieces with yarn, wool … the material you want (non-conductive)
When you insert the battery you will be able to use it, yes, the automatics have to join a project in which you have a circuit with LEDs or another component already sewn.

In this project the loop is the battery holder, when you connect the automatic the led turns on.


If you are going to use lipo batteries for your projects, simply make a pocket, it is more comfortable and is not hanging from the lilypad.