In creating circuits there are several important things to keep in mind when creating with conductive yarn. It is important that they do not touch each other if they are connected, since your projects will not work when creating a short circuit.
Sometimes it is very difficult not to touch, for this use plastic beads, nail polish (especially so there is no loose thread) electrical tape …
Here I will put a sample of circuits with conductive thread, as you will see it is not very complicated, just be careful not to touch positive and negative.
Tip: It usually happens that in the batteries just at the edge touch some thread, for this we put a piece of vinyl, insulating tape …


In the next circuit we sew a motor, Lilypad has sensors, motors and washable components, in this case it is not recommended to wet the motor.
Touching the strings on the cat's fringe causes the motor to vibrate.

This circuit is simple, so that it works well to put a thick fabric between the conductive tissue.

The complication of this circuit is that of sewing the LEDs, they are very close and we must be careful not to touch positive and negative.

Lilypad comes ready for sewing and can be washed although the buzzer is one of the pieces that is convenient not to wet.