The cutting plotter is the simplest Fablab machine and it goes unnoticed, but I like it the most.
You can cut vinyl adhesive, textile vinyl and copper adhesive. In the design of the glove create some indicative arrows in blue vinyl, a very easy design, but like everything depending on your knowledge in design you can create much more creative designs.
With the tool of Inkscape you can make pretty good designs, vectorizing images is not complicated and to start with the plotter it is better to do simple things.



The parameters of the plotter depend a lot on the material, in the plotter that I use floor to put for the vinyls, these:
Cutting speed: 24
Strength: 130
Deviation of the blade: 0.250

Once the vinyl is cut you have to work manually and remove the parts you do not want in our design, for this we will use tweezers.

Important: To place vinyl in a glass you have to take into account in which part of the glass you will see the design, for this you have to cut the vinyl in mirror as in the textile vinyl especially if they are texts.

When you have prepared the vinyl you put it in the desired garment, check well before ironing because there may be some remaining and ironing will remain stuck in the garment, in this part of work must be very careful.

The textile vinyl comes with transfer to place more easily in the fabric, place it without fear and change its position to your liking.

Finally it is ironed, the textile vinyl sticks to the garment with heat.

The temperature is variable, normally the manufacturer recommends the temperature, read the instructions well before ironing.

The ideal is to do it with an industrial iron, but if you do not have the house one, it may be worth it, you simply have to iron without steam and press until you see that it is properly glued.

My recommendation is that you do it with an industrial iron because I have verified that with a few labados the vinyl ends up detaching itself from the garment.


Works made with textile vinyl.




You can create designs in various colors, simply cut the corresponding part in the color you have chosen and iron it in parts. First the larger parts and then the details or smaller parts.
It is a manual job therefore let your creativity be free.


Remember to cut the mirror design!!!