Handbag_Level 2

Before imitation

Fabric for the lining

Conductive thread

Conductive fabric

4 textile leds


2 rings

Metallic button

In Rhinoceros we create the pattern with the desired measures, in this case they are:


Offset 20 mm (red color).

Save as PDF (only red color) and open it with inkscape.

Extensions→Generate from path→Patron voronoi.

We save as DXF and open it with Rhinoceros.

We focus on our pattern and cut with laser.

We cut another 2 identical pieces for the lining. (without the voronoi pattern).

We sew all the parts starting at the corners.




For the handle we cut a strip of 680×30.5 mm

We fold in half and sew

We put the rings and sew the bag.


We cut 1 square of 150mm x 200 mm

We sew the leds and create the circuit.

We sew automatic ones in the back and we have our portable sensor.


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