Ângela Barbour - Fabricademy 2017

My final project will be to develop using the knowledge from Fabricademy an Artwork as an Intervention and Performance, that I'll present in Sofia Bulgaria in my 2018. I 'll use many of the Skills to prepare the elements of the intervention, the custome for the Performance and the objects in the suitcase.

The Performance is with the Character I've created: ESTHER, that is also a suitcase. I'm invited to present my work in the IAPMA CONGRESS that will be inside the Sofia Paper Art Festival in 2018, in 2018 may in Sofia Bulgarian.

So here some examples of presentations that I have made before:

Idea and Research

Collecting objects and histories to tell at the Performance. The Research “in locu” will be made specially at the Center Of Cinema from Sofia, appart from the research that I've been maden before.

How to make it Possible

Stablish the stakeholders, people or companies that may be interested in support the project.

How to make it Special

All the course I was thinking in my own artistic work, so I intend to use many of the knowledge reach here in the construction of y work.

In the intervention I will use the material developed for the Circular Fashion, making pieces to construct the scene of the intervention.

To compose with the fabric I will use HandMade Paper dyed with Natural Dyes :


For the Costume I intend to develop a special cloth and mask with application of very sutil lights.

Suitcase and Objects

I will insert very sutil lights in the objects in the suitcase, specially the books and letters.