Ângela Barbour - Fabricademy 2017


I'm a visual artist that has born, lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil. I'm PhD in Visual Arts, curator, contemporary art and digital fabrication researcher. As a multidisciplinary artist I've been shown my artwork, mainly in installation and performance, in more than 15 countries in four continents.

I've also being, for 16 years, the Director of Marta Traba Gallery from Latin American Memorial Foundation, having organized more than 150 exhibitions and being the curator of many of them. A special project I've done there is to develop methodology of production of Tactile images for The Blind, and one of my artworks in this area was incorporated to the Louvre Museum Collection.

In the Foundation I stablished the MeMoFabLab, the first public, communitary and free FabLab in Brazil.

In the last years I was invited to stablish the Espaço Cultural Porto Seguro as the Executive Director. In this project I've conceptualized the place, technical assessorized the construction of the building, stablished and trained the teams, the artistic and educative programs. There I also founded the two main Labs: The Atelier Experimental and the PortoFabLab a FabLab dedicated mainly to art projects.

I'm also the Curator of some international projects as: artistic residency programs in Russia and India, the two editions of Bienal Del Sur in Caracas and of the Bulgaria Brazil Interchange Art Project.

I'm a Digital Fabrication Researcher at the DIGI FAB the researcher group from The CNPQ at the São Paulo University in Sao Paulo Brazil, joined to FabLabSP with is coordinated by Prof. PhD Paulo Fonseca.

I was the brazilian representant in the Fab 13 organization, and in the LAT Pavilion construction , that was presented during the Fab Conference in Santiago in july 2017. I'm also the brazilian representant, inside the RFLB (Brazilian FabLab Network) in the organization of Fab14 - France.

In Fab 13 I get in contact with the Fabricademy Project and I've found on it the perfect fit to my background knowledge and artistic projects. This is because apart of being an artist I'm also a Biochemistry and I worked many years as a researcher in this area in the Butantan Institute in Brazil.

I never thought that a program would relate all the areas that I've been stuying and working in my life, that are really many, but incredibly the Fabricademy program does. As an artist , I've also been working with textiles , natural dying and handmade paper with natural fibers, so I'm very happy of joining the team of Fabricademy in this Zero Edition to prepare myself to be an instructor next year in Brazil and construct this year the final program with the Fabricademy team.

As the Fabricademy is a multidisciplinary course, I've proposed my Ateliê as a node, and I intend to work in network with some FabLabs and ateliês in Brazil. I hope, working in this way, to be able to achieve the best results dealing with each institution on its speciality, and promoting the integration between them. Because, finally, integrating people, knowledge and projects has always been my best goal.

I attended the Fabricademy Bootcamp Paris and my wiki page with my considerations on it , is in the link below:


In this link you can view something more about my biography, I hope you enjoy it.