WEEK 10 | 28.11.17

Oscar Tomico was the lecturer this week. Personally, this lecture made me reflect on the real application of everything I am creating or I am working on, and there are some important questions that I made myself before defining my final project:

1. How am I using technology to create ultra personalized products?

2. For things that I am currently designing, are they going beyond my own necessities?

3. Am I really solving a problem?

4. How far can technology go by adding value to what current market offers nowadays?

Here you can find the documentation about this class.

The challenge for this week is to create an Ultra-personalized product-service system (UPPSS) and to present a customer journey map integrating the different levels of personalization (product level, systems level, and service level).


- Applying the UPPSS, I finally defined my final project which is different from most of the ideas I had at the beginning of Fabricademy. So that, my final project is based on not only a personal need but also a problem that most of the women have when finding a bra with a perfect fit.

-The problem: Women spend a lot of time searching for a bra that adjusts exactly to their measurements and usually they end up buying not an exact fit.

-My proposal: Design a reshapable bra by utilizing a material that has stretchy properties and can keep the final shape of the bra. I also plan to use parametric design to simulate the fitting on specify areas of the breast till finding the more accurate design for a perfect fit. By creating an app the women will be able to select the best pattern to be used to adjust to their desire fit.

The reshapable bra happens at more than one level of personalization:





Soft Barrier: Daniel Beltran, Salma Mahmood, and Michelle Ghanime

Augmented body:

The Aposma mask



As part of looking for which materials can be used in my final project, I tried making a silicone mold as I show in the video below.


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