Manual film applicator machine on wheels


  • Laser Cutting
  • 3D Printing


  • MDF 4mm
  • PLA

For my final project, I need to have a flat silicone film and until now, the silicone application was partially satisfactory, the silicone film was not evenly thick over the entire surface. Making a machine should allow me to spread the silicone more evenly and to choose the thickness of my film.

1/I tried to 3Dprint a manual applicator

5 nestable parts with 4 thickness (1 to 4 mm), the applicator can be turned to choose the good thickness. The applicator is held with the hands on both sides and the silicone is spread flat (like a rolling pin except that only one movement from top to bottom is necessary).

The applicator dimensions are larger than I thought and the use is not practical enough

2/Machine with

Give dimensions and the app generate a PDF can be used to cut a notched box on a laser-cutter.

The first pdf was partially false and some sides are not nesting.

I take the first design and add modifications with Coreldraw

3/Laser cut mdf 4mm

settings : Speed 15 / Power 100 / Frequency 500

4/Assemble differents parts

do not hesitate to use a hammer and glue to fit the pieces well into each other

3D design and 3Dprint wheels

For the wheels 3Ddesign I take inspiration on airplane model wheel

1/Assemble differents parts

Laser cut machine in MDF wood 4mm, the dimensions are adapted to the fablab's table and so that the wheels turn and advance on the metal part of the contour of the table. To have a flat film holder and be able to remove the film easily once dry, I took an 8mm acrylic sheet.