Final Project: Interactive stretched fabric dome

The idea of making the Dome, came up from our group of girls “Poderosas” in FabLab Leon.

They wanted to spend more time in the FabLab, and have sleepover nights in a private space of the Fablab.

In one of the meetings we had, they main interest in those nigths could be watching films and stars (one of them loves Astronomy), play music (another plays the Ocarina) and, of course, they want to be makers.

For this reason, I decided to make this project: A Geodesic tent, that can be used as a Planetary. One special thing of this Planetary is that an observer can interact with the projection using an object (in the first case a Pillow) that can moves 3D objects in the Domo's sky.

Download Domo files

Come and visit the documentation of the construction of the Domo

Step by step Tutorial Download Arduino code

Download Processing code

And here is the final video