Bio Dyes

Preparing the materia

Animal Fiber = Masari = 45% Wool + 10% Silk
Vegetable Fiber = linen

Each fiber cut into 8 equal pieces. Vegetable fiber is cooked in water to which 2 tbs of backing soda were added, it should boil for about 60 minutes.
In the meantime, the animal fiber soaks in plain room-tempered water (also 60 minutes).
Afterwards, you give both fibers a quick wash under cold running water.

Preparing the dying material

Two carrots and a beetroot (ca. 500g) have to be cut into small pieces. Both dyes are mixed with distilled water and cooked for about 40 minutes.

Carrot = 400ml distilled water
Beetroot = 300ml distilled water



After everything was cooked and cleaned four of each fiber ( 4 Animal fibers + 4 vegetable fibers)
were directly put into the beetroot/carrot dye. After 30 minutes of simmering we turned the heat off and let them sit overnight


The other 8 ( 4 Animal fibers + 4 vegetable fibers) pieces we put into cooking water combined with a mordant which was in this case Acidum Tartaric Crest.
After cooking them for about 30 minutes we put them also into the beetroot/carrot dye and let them sit overnight as well.

Color modifiers

We chose Vinegar, Iron and Copper as modifiers. All fibers simmered for about 30 minutes in the modifier.

img_6533_3.jpgWithout Mordant + modifiers

From left to right: Iron, Vinegar, without modifier bildschirmfoto_2017-10-24_um_10.09.36.jpg

Masari = 45% Wool + 10% Silk


I was very disappointed because the color turned out very pale or nearly invisible. I will choose other dyes for further tests in order to improve the intensity of the color outcome.