Skin Electronics

Global Instructor: Katia Vega In the same way that the wearables industry is integrating fashion practices in their development, we envision new partnerships between the biotech/tech companies and skin professionals such as makeup artists, prosthesis experts and tattooists in order to embrace the idea of human-device symbiosis. FX e-makeup made use of special effects makeup for hiding electronic components that sense facial muscle movements, acting as a second skin.

For the assignment I have chosen option one - Skin Masquerade Party. In order to create my own mask I was looking for some inspiration. Nevertheless I rather searched for a basic template due to the fact that the focus should be more on the LED's!!

Basically me and Natalia choose the same pattern ! In my opinion it does not matter since both of us choose different ways to integrate the LED's. After founding the 'right' template, somehow the template should be physically ! The first step was to use Rhinoceros in which I redraw the sketch!

Measurement of the my Mask:

  • Width: 23 cm
  • Length 5 cm
  • Distance of my eyes : 3,5 cm

So what's next? - You need to program your ATiny85! In order to connect the Neopixel. Two options are giving in order to connect the ATtiny85 with the Neopixel. On the one hand you can conect them with wires as Nathalia, Laura and me for example did or with Coper Tape like Liane or Wei.

I decided to hide the wired and also the ATtiny85 behind the mask due to beauty reasons. However I recognized that it was not really suitable to but the ATtiny85 behind my mask because it disturb me!

Back to the connection dpr=1.67#imgdii=CV4XX_t_3Uk5NM:&imgrc=bhtQ2NS12tQxoM: ( left figure )

Be careful because neopixel has a connection!

  • Pin In/ VCC and Pin Out/GND
  • Connect in parallel, in a line
  • Pin In : sending input from ATiny
  • //