Arsiema Woldeyesus


Name: Arsiema Woldeyesus

Age: 23 years old

Study program: International Business and Social Sciences.

Initially I am willing to be a member of the Fabricademy. In one hand in each week we are able to explore more knowledge in terms of sustainability, technology, useful methods, design (textiles). As I mentioned before I am a IBSS student and do not cover the major skills which should be needed. Nevertheless I am motivated to learn more about it because it can be a very valuable experience for my future job. On the other hand because it is an international project which brings people from different fields together. It is really nice to see what the other members of Fabriacademy achieved via a video conference in each Tuesday. Besides that it is efficient to document the accomplished assignments every week in order to gain an insight about how each of the Fabricademy members. Therefore we might share our strategies,problems or solutionson the I already mentioned video conference to obtain feedback. All in all it distributes the educational program throughout the global network. Above all things the Fabricademy addressed me mostly because our group consists just of girls (GIRLSPOWER!). This also a new experience for me to work onlyamong girls for a longer period. For this reason I wanted to relive it.

As I said I am really exciting to work among girls in the interdisciplinary project. However I expected that we will have a great time and can share our knowledge in order be successfully from week to week. Furthermore, over the time the dynamic and cohesion gets more stronger. Since the first meeting at the 26.09.2017 had already takes place my first impression was that everybody will put a lot of effort into the project in order to create something that is real/ tangible which can inspire other people or rather help them.

Weekly Assignments

Week 1 State Of The Art, Project Management and Documention

Week 2 Digital Bodies

Week 3 Circular Open Source Fashion

Week 4 Bio Dyes & Bio Fabrics

Week 5 E-textiles and wearables I

Week 6 Computational Couture

Week 7 Textile as Scaffold

Week 8 Open sources hardware from fibers to fabric

Week 9 E- Textile and Wearables II

Week 10 Implications and Application

Week 11 Soft Robotics

Week 12 Skin Electronics