Week 10 l Implications and applications

The global instructor Oscar Tomico of this week introduced us in the topic of (wearable) technology meets (fashion) design: implications and applications.

Our assignment for this week is:

Individually create a Ultra-personalized product service systems (UPPSS) based on the project you want to develop further as your final project. Make sure that you explore how personalization can happen at more than one level. A customer journey map is expected to be presented the week after where the different levels of personalization are integrated in the design and use of the UPPSS presented.


A Step - Forward

Weight Sensor for people with injured limps (leg) to supervise physical strain automatically

When people have to use crutches their recovery process often includes putting more and more physical strain/weight on their injured limbs/joint to get back their strength little by little. Until now there are only manual ways to measure physical strain approximately it is regulated by the numbers of crutches or how to use them four-, three- and two-point-walk.

Product – Service System

Use oriented: The patient will use a sensor/device only until the patient is fully recovered
Therefore renting can be considered because it is less personalized due to the requirement that the sensor has to be modifiable onto different physcial strain.

Persona Description:

1. One-Time event –> Apart from the injured leg the person is healthy

Please follow my documentation of my final project: Ongoing Research