WEEK 01 | 26.09.17

The first class started on time and we met the team who made this course possible (Cecilia Raspanti, Anastasia Pistofidou and Fiore Basile). Thanks guys!
fabri_team.jpgThe Fabricademy team1)

State of the Art

The first topic of this course was about how important is to make changes on the textile and garment industry to reduce the impact of the garbage it produces, to apply new technologies to improve the process of prototyping and designing or just to make things different that we are used to do. By the way, as we know, the textile industry have already started using technologies such as 3d printing, laser cutting and electronics in their creations. However, what took my attention at all in this course was the application of more fields applied in textiles, for example soft robotics, skin electronics and biology. That makes me feel completely excited!

Project Management

The schedule for all the course was also presented by Cecilia, who explained that we have the last 3 months of the course (January to March 2018) to complete our final project.

Those are some ideas for my final project:

  • I want to explore the application of electronics and biology not only in design and fashion but also in the design of structures of biomembranes that can be applied in interior architecture.
  • Smart clothes with electronics where LEDs blink following the sound of the music… (for dancers like me :P)

Some interesting websites:


1. This is my first time documenting something like that.

2. My experience with the wiki was not perfect from the beginning… I was exploring it and I think I made something wrong when it appeared on my screen and I couldn't go back to my common screen for editing.

This message about the Wiki syntax appeared all the time, even I clicked on CKG Edit to go back to the first page for edition. So as I couldn't fix it from my laptop and even from my IPhone, I decided to delete all the entries in my Wiki and start it over again. :|

I think the problem was because I am using a Mac, so what I am doing next is to not click again on the DW Edit bottom. Lesson learned!

3. New entry on the Wiki:

I just followed all the steps I saw in this tutorial video: http://wiki.textile-academy.org/fabricademy2017/classes/intro

and read this: :fabricademy2017:classes:08_howtodocument.pdf

4. I also

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Fabricademy organizers: Cecilia Raspanti, Anastasia Pistofidou and Fiore Basile.