Wei-Ying Cheung

photo1.jpgAbout me

Hello I'm Wei, a masters student in Usability Engineering with a background in Psychology. I'm currently studying the theory and practical aspects of creating human centred computer interfaces - the aim is to develop interfaces that are straightforward, logical and pleasurable to use. My studies have taught me the importance of employing an empathetic approach to designing products. I find new technology fascinating and I'm excited by the opportunities and possibilities that this creates for our lives and for our future. I therefore feel privileged and excited about taking part in Fabricademy and I look forward to learning all the topics in the program.

Initial ideas

I would like to create a wearable for a disabled user that is effective and pleasurable to use. My initial ideas involved a wearable for the wrist that reminds people who are on medication and living alone to take their medicine, or a device to help stroke patients who have lost the ability to use parts of their body, perform a specific task. However, during the course of the programme, I decided to change my project idea to the one below.

I would like to create a wearable chest belt for people who have trouble with anxiety and controlling their breathing during anxiety provoking situations. My initial thoughts are to include sensors that detect the breathing rate and perhaps breathing irregularity, and when the breathing rate increases and reaches a threshold - this would set off the inflation and deflation of the chest belt to simulate slow and deep breathing. The idea is that this contraction and expansion would guide the user into the same, slow and deep breathing - thus bringing the user back to a normal level.

This is a short video describing my idea: