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Ayse Esin Durmaz is a designer and maker. She studied Interior Architecture and Environmental design at Kadir Has University, Istanbul. During her education, she participated 13. Istanbul Biennial Co-action Device: A Study with Inci Eviner as a performative artist and designer. She developed an art project called “Mimetic resistance”. One year later she alsYopo participated 2. Istanbul Design Biennial in the academic program called “Broken promises”. She did her internship in WeMake/Milano as a product designer. During her internship she learned prototyping with digital fabrication also experienced fab lab discipline. Moreover, she developed 50 different joints and produce with CNC router. Also, she designed and produce “Clean Desk “with these joints which have chosen at 9. National Furniture Competition as a finalist. She worked at ATÖLYE as a Makerlab coordinator. During her work at Atölye, she produced workshop contents and consulting service based on digital fabrication.

You can be reached out all my digital files by clicking weekly assignments;

———>**Weekly Assignments**←———

Week 1: state of art

Week 2: Digital bodies

Week 3: Circular open source fashion

Week 4: Bio dyes & biofabrics

Week 5: E-textiles & wearables I

Week 6: Computational couture

Week 7: Textile as scaffold

eek 8: Open source hardware - from fibres to fabric

Week 9: E-textiles & wearables II

Week 10: Implications and applications

Week 11: Soft robotics

Week 12: Skin electronics

Final Project: Under My Skin